Vision & Mantras


Vision & Mantras .

We believe that every member we invite into The Hive Network JHB community has an entrepreneurial spirit that we can help support to drive their businesses further faster.

We also see the value that every entrepreneur has to help other members of the community drive their ideas and businesses forward, be it through knowledge & creativity or amazing skills & talents. 

This belief is best captured through our six Hive Network JHB ‘mantras’:

  • Give and get given
  • Get it out there
  • Never stop learning
  • Seek opportunities
  • Be profit-orientated
  • Get social

Our Mantras .


In order for someone to achieve growth with their business they need to collaborate with those around them, not compete. 

The more you give, the more you’ll get back. Treat people with trust and respect and you’ll travel further together.


You’ll never know everything, so learn as much as you can from the network and other sources around you. 

And share your knowledge too, others will benefit from it. What you take for granted may be key to unlocking someone else’s success, and vice versa.


Keep challenging convention through innovation that allows your ideas and business to be seen.

Use different avenues to make sure that your business reaches its intended consumer.


In the spirit of collaboration, forward movement comes in constantly being curious and looking for different ways to grow. 

Remaining inquisitive will open many doors for you.


Make sure you understand the building blocks of business to ensure the sustainability of your entity. 

In order for your business to grow it needs to be a profitable venture, so keep the sustainability of your business in mind when making key business decisions.


The world is becoming digital at a very fast pace, You need to be very social to keep up with what is happening around you, the same way your consumers need you to be social for them to find you easily.

So, get your social links in order and let’s tell the world that you’re part of the Hive Network JHB community.