Our Partner J&B


Our Partner J&B .

Our community couldn’t happen without our investors and champions J&B Scotch Whisky.

Their story is one of forever challenging convention, their history rooted in ambition & entrepreneurial innovation. Their reputation of doing things their way was immortalised by their pioneers. One look at how they took a chance on a young entrepreneur with an idea on how to keep the arts, film and theatre community stocked with J&B during Prohibition in the USA shows how they liked to support people ready to do things differently at times in history when people were ready for a change.

Taking this chance led to J&B becoming the biggest whisky in the country as soon as the ban was lifted! Inspired by a new generation of visionaries J&B is going back to their entrepreneurial roots, feeling it is time to invest in others who share that same spirit. 

J&B Hive Bar and Café

Our J&B Hive Bar and Cafe is the perfect place to meet new people, start new projects and celebrate each others’ successes. Both the Cafe and Bar offer a ‘Pop-up’ opportunity for our member businesses to test out their product and service offering in the ever-bustling Braamfontein market.

 Find out more about our member companies who run the bar/coffee shop:

Old School Coffee - Coffee Specialists
Satori Events Management & Promotions